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Register your non-profit and ask individuals to donate to your organization through the EOC e-commerce website or offer the EOC Empowerment Card. Contact EOC for pricing at 319-775-5255.

Youth soccer players

Each campaign may promote their fundraiser on the EOC website at no cost.

This information may also be shared through social media outlets to friends, family, alumni etc.

Individuals going to a specific fundraiser site will have the opportunity to donate online using their computer or phone. A $25 minimum with a maximum donation of $100 may be given. Ninety percent of all donations will be forwarded to the fundraiser. (Example: A $25 donation will generate $22.50 to the designated fundraiser.)

Individual donors will receive an electronic EOC membership card by email. This will entitle them to take part in all current and future business discounts offered during the next 12 months. Our desire is to see the business discounts exceed your initial cost.

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