Paw Control Wildlife Solutions


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  • Paw Control will deduct $20.00 from any trapping set-up service or inspection service. That covers the purchase of your EOC Empowerment Card! Nice going!

Paw Control Wildlife Solutions


Paw Control provides inspections to quickly identify the species of wildlife, determine the extent of activity, and survey the most effective options for addressing the offending critters.


We have a high rate of success in quickly, humanely, and efficiently removing nuisance wildlife. Full biological and ecological considerations are given while handling all animals.

Wildlife-proofing and Prevention

Simply removing the resident wildlife is often not enough -- you want to prevent the next wave of intruders! We will inspect, advise, and introduce measures to keep future wildlife from breaching your home. Warranty included in most applications.


People value knowledge. We are glad to lead or assist in a presentation on a number of wildlife topics including disease, damage, assessments or other biological-ecological themes. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, realtor, club, philanthropic group, or classroom teacher, we have a presentation for you!

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Paw Control is a proud supporter of Empowering Our Community.

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Contact: Joe Taylor, Owner / Biologist

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