Updated March 2017

What is the mission behind Empowering Our Community or EOC? Empowering our Community is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals, non-profits and businesses in the Cedar Rapids metro area to partner and be EMPOWERED. Visit our website at www.eoc.team

If I’m a business, why should I consider being part of the EOC business network? Businesses may join the EOC business network at no cost for the next 12 months. Your business will have your contact information (name, address, email, website and phone number) along with a description of your business placed on the business directory of the EOC website. Each business will have the opportunity to promote their services, along with discounts to EOC members. These discounts may be changed throughout the year at no cost and may be shared through social media outlets. Visit our current list of participating businesses and discounts at www.eoc.team/incentives

How do non-profits and individuals fit into the EOC story? A non-profit may promote their organization by registering a fundraiser on the EOC website. Individuals become EOC members by giving a $25 minimum to $100 maximum gift to a participating non-profit fundraiser or non-profit of their choice using our online e-commerce platform. Ninety percent will be forwarded to the non-profit chosen. In return members receive discounts from local businesses for one year. Visit our list of non-profit choices at www.eoc.team/campaigns

Are donor contributions deductible? Our understanding is that donor contributions are not tax deductible because the donor is receiving a benefit in return. That benefit is access to discounts from the businesses that make up the EOC business network. The goal is for these discounts to exceed the initial gift given over the next 12 months.

Why is the contribution limited to $25 to $100? People in today’s society are continually being asked for contributions and money is tight for many. EOC provides an avenue where a minimum contribution of $25 entitles them to be part of the EOC business network for a full year. Our desire is to see thousands of people in the Cedar Rapids metro area benefiting from the discounts of local businesses all while helping a local non-profit of their choice. EOC would encourage contributions in excess of $100 to be given directly to the non-profit or foundation.

Why does EOC pass on 90% to the non-profit? As EOC reviewed what other local and national businesses do, we found that a 90% pass through rate was very competitive especially when the business discounts have the ability to help individuals recover their initial gift. EOC covers all e-commerce expenses associated with doing an online transaction and the remainder is used to fund the ongoing business operations of EOC which includes the ability for businesses to promote their services and discounts for 12 months at no cost.

What type of reporting will the non-profit receive from EOC? With each check distributed, EOC will provide a list of all donors, along with their contact information, to the non-profit. EOC sends an email out to each individual donor after they make an online contribution to an EOC non-profit organization. That email will include an EOC badge with the donor's name on it and an expiration date of 1 year. This badge can be printed or downloaded to a phone and then can be shown to participating businesses in the EOC network when redeeming discounts.

Why should you consider being part of the EOC network? Three great pillars of any community are individuals, non-profits and businesses. When all are working in unison, there is great confluence and that momentum is hard to stop. EOC’s infrastructure and team of advisors wants to help continue that environment where individuals, non-profits and businesses can work as a team to Empower Our Community right here in the Cedar Rapids metro area.

Would you become and EOC member today? Go to: www.eoc.team/campaigns to get started.

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