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Individuals - Become an EOC member by giving a $25 minimum to $100 maximum gift to a non-profit of your choice on our online portal, and in return receive discounts from all current and future participating businesses for one year.

Non-profits - Register your non-profit and ask individuals to donate to your organization through the EOC e-commerce website. You will receive 90% of an individual's membership cost.

Businesses - Market your business along with discounts on the EOC website for a period of one year. Launch Special - first 12 months FREE!

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Who are we?

EOC is a local startup company founded by Ed Luebe, incorporated in June 2016 and launched in September 2016. Ed serves as President; Ed and his family have lived in the Cedar Rapids metro area since 1985. He continues to serve as Executive Vice President / CFO of a local brokerage firm.

EOC looks to offer an e-commerce alternative for individuals to give to non-profits that they are supportive of, while also benefiting and empowering local businesses in our community.

It's a win for individuals, non-profits and businesses!

Thank you for your support as we launch in the Cedar Rapids metro area.

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Why now?

Three great pillars of our community are individuals, non-profits and businesses. When all are working in unison, there is great confluence and that momentum is hard to stop. A practical illustration was the flood of 2008 and 2016. Our community came together and put aside their expectations, preferences, and agendas and looked to a greater cause; The well being of their community.

EOC’s infrastructure and team of advisors wants to help continue that environment where individuals, non-profits and businesses can work as a team to Empower Our Community.

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