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Empowering Individuals, Non-Profits & Businesses In Our Community

Non-profits can customize their very own EOC Empowerment Card, (our version of a discount card), and sell to the public as a fundraiser, or non-profits or businesses can distribute a Digital EOC Empowerment Card to their spheres of influence through email and other social media links. Cardholders receive Discounts/Incentives from over 60 participating businesses in the Cedar Rapids metro area and other Eastern Iowa communities for the next 12 months.

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Who are we?

EOC is a local startup company founded by Ed Luebe, incorporated in June 2016 and launched in September 2016. Ed serves as President; Ed and his family have lived in the Cedar Rapids metro area since 1985. He continues to serve as Executive Vice President / CFO of a local brokerage firm.

EOC looks to provide a website platform that Empowers Individuals, Non-Profits and Businesses in our local communities.

Take some time to look through our website. You will notice that some of our services have a minimal cost to participate while others are free. That is intentional! We desire our platform to help empower businesses and non-profits of all sizes in all communities.

Thank you for your support as we build critical mass in the Cedar Rapids metro area, surrounding Eastern Iowa communities and throughout the midwest.

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Why now?

Three great pillars of our community are individuals, non-profits and businesses. When all are working in unison, there is great confluence and that momentum is hard to stop. A practical illustration was the flood of 2008 and 2016. Our community came together and put aside their expectations, preferences, and agendas and looked to a greater cause; The well being of their community.

EOC’s infrastructure and team of advisors wants to help continue that environment where individuals, non-profits and businesses can work as a team to Empower Our Community.

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